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We offer residential addiction treatment.

Residential rehab is an intensive form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment that follows the detoxification phase. This transition occurs only after each patient is thoroughly evaluated by a medical professional. 


The treatment we offer at Misión Zoé usually lasts from 4 to 6 months, depending on the needs of each patient. Interns must remain in the facility for the entirety of the program. Although there is no single treatment that is right for everyone, inpatient rehabilitation at a residential rehabilitation center is one of the most effective forms of care for drug and alcohol addiction.

Our addiction treatment uses the Minnesota model that has been operating for many years with a great recovery of patients. 

The Minnesota model of rehabilitation is intensive and is at the forefront of current knowledge for treatment of all types of addictive diseases. 

In our treatment we have daily therapies so that the patient learns to manage his illness and thus be able to live in sobriety functioning in his daily life.  

We work on self-deception, the emotional aspect and all the behaviors of an addictive personality. It is a treatment where step by step the patient is guided until he has a completely normal life.

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